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Everything's Lame.
Monday, January 11, 2010
Its My Bday Today=D

Saturday, December 26, 2009
Yo ppl,Happy Belated Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year(:

( : )

Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Sian....i come bac from bangkok
den she go sunway...
means 5 days no need msg le lor):
when she come bac den i post pictures la...
now no mood):
faster come bac=D...hahas
if not no one to bully=D..

Miss you lots yea<3

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Yo ppl....bac posting again(:......
Wanna share wad happened over the past few days....
December4......1st day of Jb Trip....

Woke up at 4.30):.....went to fetch fyras irfan and jun hao....
reached school...waited a while....everybody come le...den leave for malaysia(:
Reached there bout 8.
Had breakfast near the competition venue...ate a little...
saw shuqun b boys....they say wan thunder our face....
hahas....den went to competition wenue see c girls play,
they won once lost once=D.get into top 8.....
Den waited for bout7 hours before our match):
one nice a8 and a little sleep later...
it was out turn=D.....
hahas first set slacked abit....
den won 26-24....
second more serious le...won 25-15.
After that go eat dinner....den come back in the night play shuqun...
They b boys and owned us...lik 25-9,25-13...
but nvm....i thundered at no 4=D
its lik so long nvr do le=D...hahas
den had kfc as dinner.coach treat.
then go bac hotel....i roommate with irfan and fyras
They so nice=D....showered...go everyone;s room....
play play...prank call ppl...
den go sleep=D

Woke up at 6.30?
den go down eat breakfast....
Was earlier den c girls....hahas...
den go bac room...wait for briefing at ten...
But in the end we go den nvr bring notebk...
coach angry...den don let us see our video,..
den must go support c gals....
hahas...go there coach treat us ice cream=D..
Thanks man=D
Waited for their match..
Jodie wan borrow knee pad...
i lent=D...
c girls lost to fairfield
but they played well=D
and i noticed a super duper nice girl from fairfield...(Jodie knows too)
Thx Jodie for intro
den pranked her...called her a hooker den she don get it..
sorry jodie(:
den waited for 3+ hours
our match..vs hillgrove..
first set play lik shit..lost 25-8
second played better
still lost lik 25-22..
sadded...went bac room...
shower den called somebody=D
Hey..thanks for talking through the night with me=D
Hahas..pranked call again dewent ben room coz clinton damm funny
he was lik being a football commentator...
super funny=D,....
den mi and ben play fire in the toilet...
spray hair spray in the bottle
den put match stick in
the fire one shot"boomz" to the ceiling...
ben shocked until keep saying cbk for ten min=D...
Den at 1.30
all da guys plus jessica come our room watch football
den is lik party lik siao....hahas
den 4.00 they go bac den go sleep

Last Day....woke up late
den go breakfast...saw fairfield girls and her=D
She was so sweet and nice=D
Super sweet and nice=D
after dat go coach room debrief
den after that tio scolded coz we paly fire in room
he say if got fire den c girls and him must jump down lame sia=.=
den packing halfway
den after dat..ben called and say:
den we all chiong to his room.
.saw him swimming..
super uber funny can=D
den after dat go back room finish pack up..
saw fairfield methodist girls...
Awwwwww....that girl was so sweet=D
den go pack up..check out at 11.45
went to hav buffet lunch
da food all spicy spicy de
onli de kueh nice=D
den guess wad..
something made my day there
we were eating halfway and the fairfield girls came in too=D.
they sat near us and the super duper sweet+nice girl was facing mi=D
Hahas..but must leave den veri sad la):
After that went shopping at jusco terbau mall=D
den after that go bac bus see ppl passport photo
damm funny can...they look so cute=D
den they forgot take banner..scare us sia
but banner wass ssitting in the bus
hahas den took bus bac school go home le lor.

Things i learnt and saw in jb=D
1. It's the experience not winning that counts=D
2.Benedict is veri cute=D
3.Clinton dosent wear underwear when he sleeps=D
4.She's very nice to talk too
5.What goes around comes around.
6Irfan always hug mi at nite):
7.Fairfield dat girl is reali sweet and nice=D
8.Jamien shouldnt do slam dunks at that badketball court/warm up area.
9.Do Not press the time out button unless you wanna die.
10.Somebody like somebody again.
11.Fairfield Methodist that girl veri nice=D
12.She's super nice=D
13.Dont fall asleep when waiting
14.Dont play fire in room.
15.That Girl was in room 721.

Btw...is JODIE ask mi post de=D..she say must post and put her name big big..hahas

Monday, December 7, 2009
Going To Bangkok On Wednesday
Back on 13th.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hey all . IM not IAN TAN fyi. im just helping this idiot to post something. Saw this LMAO picture of Ian in facebook so i just went to goup it from fb . Exams are over and everybody's like having party la .

Wishing all happy holidays.{!}HOHO! ^^

Friday, October 16, 2009
Hahas...back again=D
missed mi?
sure you did...
went to school for bazzar preparation
some ppl really selfish....
Do nothing to help....
And change new tagboard
coz some loser keep spamming...
hahas(to that loser)
i noe hu eu are...
no need hide and use my name.
I noe my name veri nice eu jealous bout it..
but idc...so fuck off=D

Name : IanTan
School : BPGHS
NO SPAMMING(VULGARITIES INCLUDED) email:cheateroflove@hotmail.com

WANTS: .personal laptop
.Fairfield Methodist no 5

Don't mute.


No telling !!.

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